Polyamorous Dublin model Jade gets a mixed reaction on entering Big Brother house

The Dubliner wore a black leotard entering the house, leaving little to the imagination.

Dubliner Jade-Martina Lynch entered the Big Brother house tonight to a mixed reaction from the show’s fans. In her opening video, she said that she doesn’t believe in monogamy and she follows a polyamorous lifestyle. Asked what her bad points were, she responded: “Have you seen me? Like, none”. The crowd responded to her entrance with a mixture of boos and cheers [same as for practically everyone].

Big Brother 2015: Jade-Martina Lynch wears raunchiest outfit EVER as she gushes about being ‘polyamorous’

…The brunette model announced she was ‘polyamorous’ in her opening video, gushing about the merits of an open relationship as she sent pulses racing in the one-piece.

She previously said: “I am single but I’m polyamorous so I am very open when it comes to relationships and sexual situations. I’m not going in there looking for love but you never know what will happen.”

Whole article (May 12, 2015).

From The Irish Independent:

In Jade’s pre-recorded interview she said, “I do high fashion, high fashion lingerie. I describe myself as, obviously I’m beautiful, I’m energetic, free, sexual. My favourite night out would be naked in a forest somewhere.”

She added, “I’m polyamorous. Aren’t we always single?” and said, “If there’s conflict in the house, I’ll walk away or else I’ll bite, hard.”

Jade, who has participated in pageants in Dublin for the past six years, arrived in a revealing bodysuit and towered over host Emma Willis who asked her if she was single.

“I’m in an open relationship,” she said. Asked if she would hook up with everyone in the house, she laughed, “Shall we see? Let the games begin.”

Whole article (May 12, 2015).

She gave an interview about her views a few days ago, as I posted.

Remember the last young model to fill the hot-polyamorist slot in a vote-them-off-the-island style reality show? That was Dedeker Winston, in Fox’s failedUtopia last fall. She was intelligent, perceptive, a thoughtful activist, and worth better than such a dumb, cynical show. (She and her mates continue doing poly awareness via their Multiamory podcast and website.)

By contrast Lynch strikes me so far as kind of a ditz, even considering the type of media we’re seeing her through. Does anyone here know her better?

Randy of Polyamory Ireland posts, “Our Irish polyamory group (the only one in the country) has been active with monthly meetings and other events since 2008. So far, nobody connected with the group has come forward to say they know this person…. Let’s hope she is a role model that people will respect and look up to!

MAY 11, 2015

Polyamory lends cachet to a celebrity

Irish and UK media

The entertainment pages in the UK and especially Ireland are aflutter today about the new Irish contestant on the reality show Big Brother UK, mostly because she calls herself polyamorous. She hasn’t explained much of what she means by it as far as I’ve seen, so the newspapers are thrown back on dictionary definitions. She also calls the Catholic Church “a cult,” kind of a big deal to say in Ireland.